The Little Book of Newfoundland & Labrador – Nimbus Publishing $17.95, 80 pages, 75 photographs (available April 2016)

A stunning selection of John’s images from almost thirty years of exploring Canada’s easternmost province. “ across rugged coastlines, through national parks, and into the homes of the people who give ‘The Rock’ its reputation for warm hospitality and east coast charm.”

Prince Edward Island – Landscape & Light Acorn Press $29.95

John celebrates thirty years in Prince Edward Island with his latest collection of images capturing the Island's unique scenic beauty.

"If the Island's beauty is so open and accessible to any of us, why then are we left breathless by the startling perfection of John Sylvester’s photographs. He fills entire books with images, all of which startle us with their beauty and light and their remarkable composition. He seems to work magic. Everywhere he explores he discovers scenery and subject at their photogenic perfection. How does he manage to do this again and again?"

from the introduction by Hugh MacDonald

A Photographer’s Guide to Prince Edward Island – Acorn Press, $24.95 (123 pages, 132 colour photographs)

This book is designed to keep you on the right track to find the best photography locations in all seasons and at the right time of day. A guide for photographers and lovers of Prince Edward Island’s unique and varied landscape.

"The Little Book of Prince Edward Island" (Acorn Press, $16.95; 80 pages)

John Sylvester captures Prince Edward Island like no other photographer. With beautiful images of every corner of the Island in all seasons. "The Little Book of Prince Edward Island" is a charming and captivating look at the Island in all its colours. From the red dirt roads and green fields to the surrounding blue waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, John Sylvester's imagery portrays the landscape that thousands of visitors from all over the world travel to see.

WILD ISLAND – Prince Edward Island’s Hidden Wilderness (Acorn Press; $32.95) – "Searching for the wilderness and all the beauty that comes with it is something Sylvester shows through images of passion and understanding." Atlantic Books Today.

(Nov 25, 2010)– Wild Island is winner of the 2010 Prince Edward Island book award for non-fiction.

If you'd like to order a copy, please contact John by e-mail and he will send you ordering info.

for more information about Wild Island, including sample page layouts, click here

Island Light (Nimbus 2002; $29.95) is a collection of images that reflect John's passion for the unique rural and natural landscapes of his island home.

“Island Light invites us to be touched by the simple beauty of Prince Edward Island – a beauty that inspires loyalty in the people who live here and longing in the people who visit. Whether picturesque or abstract, John Sylvester’s photographs reflect both a sense of wonder at Prince Edward Island’s natrual beauty and a photographer’s sense of timing.”

Sorry, out of print.

From Red Clay and Salt Water – Prince Edward Island and its people (Ragweed Press 1994; $27.95).

"Sylvester has lovingly captured the light and color of the island's gently varied landscape, and played them against portraits of Islanders….Their words and Sylvester’s pictures make PEI a vivid reality for those who come from away."
Islands: An International Magazine

"It is in landscape photography…that Sylvester shines- using color and form brilliantly to create stark, architecturally precise images that evoke the feeling of Christopher Pratt painting."
Canadian Geographic

Sorry, out of print.